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Azza Fencing, new partner of the French Fencing Federation.


Azza Fencing, new partner of the French Fencing Federation.

Azza Fencing has taken center stage as the primary sponsor for Cadets and Junior fencers, formalizing a two-year agreement with the French Fencing Federation.

Major support for the Youngsters 

On Saturday, the 12th of January, Azza Fencing solidified a significant partnership with the FFE, demonstrating the unwavering dedication and passion we harbor for the splendid sport and its burgeoning enthusiasts. This dynamic alliance, set to endure for two years, unfolds a treasure trove of fencing gear for the under-20 national teams and young French talents. In addition, Azza Fencing will provide support for major events such as "Les semaines copains copines," "La Fête des Jeunes," and the Horizon 2032 boot camps.
  • Les semaines copains-copines: Envision an open day at over 200 fencing clubs in France, introducing the captivating essence of this sport to non-fencers.  

  • La fête de jeunes: This represents the French exhibition for prodigies under the age of 15 to showcase their fencing prowess.  

  • Horizon 2032: These boot camps, organized by the French Fencing Federation, are designed to identify emerging talents in various leagues across the country.

Azza Fencing Footwear worn by Professional Athlete

An achievement for the brand 

The collaboration between Azza Fencing and FFE stands as a pinnacle of achievement. Azza Besbes, the founder of Azza Fencing and former world champion medalist, unveils the essence of their vision: "Our slogan 'From Fencer to Fencers' encapsulates the very objective we sought when launching Azza Fencing. We have one goal - arming fencers of all levels with the perfect tools to forge their path. We also commit to supporting the younger generations in their journey, embracing the values of fencing. With this partnership, we are taking a significant step, and we are more than ever close to our talents."  

Brigitte SAINT BONNET, the President of FFE, echoes this sentiment, stating, "The technical quality of Azza quality of Azza Fencing products is recognized by all fencers, at every level, even on the international stage. We celebrate the signing of this meaningful and empowering partnership for all our athletes. We are dedicated to supporting the performances of our fencers with the best equipment available on the market."

Catch us making waves at these events and firmly rooted on the Cadet and Junior FFE teams' turf. It's a fencing fiesta, and Azza Fencing is your backstage pass to the action!


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